How to Join Opera News Hub Kenya

How to Join Opera News Hub Kenya

This week we look at how you can take advantage of Opera News. You can earn up to ksh.100,000 writing for Opera News. We explore at how to sign up to writing your first article.

Opera News Hub Kenya is a platform by Opera News app that compensate writers for content created for various Opera Software ASA products like Opera Mini and Opera News App.

Opera News writers are paid based on the volume of articles created and their quality. You can earn up to ksh.100,000 writing for Opera.

In the next sections, we will see how you can become a writer with Opera News.

Is Opera News Hub Legit?

Opera News Hub is legit! Since the beginning of 2020, Opera has been paying its writers without failing. Although Opera News Hub doesn't have an official payment day, be sure you will get your pay by the end of every month.

Figure 1From your account, you will be able to see your total earnings and what to expect in your bank account.

How to Join Opera News Kenya

Visit Opera News Hub Kenya to create your account.

Follow below steps to create an account with Opera News Kenya;

a) Choose country of Residence

Choose Kenya as your country to get started.

b)  Click the Login/SignUp Button

c) Choose the way to Sing Up

You can sign up using Facebook or Google. Remember the mode you choose to sign up with will be the same mode you login with.

D) Choose the account to sign up

Click on the account you would like to create your Opera News Hub account with.

e) Confirm your login details

You will be able to confirm your country again here. Choose Kenya and click Confirm.

       F) Account Information

You will be able to enter your opera news hub account information here;

  •  Username

This is the name that will be visible to the readers of your content. Also, Opera News will be referring using that name to refer to you.

Figure 2: This is how your username will be appearing on the app.

  • News Category

Choose the category that your news content will be based on. Don’t panic! Once your account is up and running, you will be able to write news from all other categories. Opera news does not restrict creators on the kind of news category to write.

With time, you will be able to gauge the category of news that brings you much revenue and focus much of your effort on those kinds of news categories.

The profile you choose will be visible to readers and on your account.

  • Biography

This is a short statement about you, your content etc

G) Author Information

Here, you will be able to fill out your Full Names, Email, Mobile Number, Bank Name, and Account Number.


NB: Make sure you give your correct information as they will be vital to contact you and processing your payment.

Once you are done, click Confirm.

You will be required to wait 24hrs (Most it less than 24hrs) for your account to be verified and approved so that you can start writing.



How to Write Your First Article

You can access your Opera News Hub account via app or on web.

Download free Opera News App here: Opera News App

Visit Opera News Hub on the Web here: Opera News Hub Website


On your Opera News Hub, Click on the Me icon,


Next you will see the Create icon, click on it.



Next, click on the Create Button


Now you can start typing your first article.


When Does Opera News Hub Pay?

First, you need to attain a threshold of ksh.1000 or more to qualify for payment.

Payment is calculated monthly and is paid on the next 30 days. For example, if you earned ksh.35,750 on January, expect to be paid on any date from 12th  to 28/29th  of February.

Opera News Hub has dedicated support staff to help solve any issues that may affect creators. Be sure that if there will be any delay on payment it will be communicated.


How is Payment calculated?

You are paid for every article you write. Payment is based on number valid clicks on your article, time spent and engagement of your generated.

How many Articles Can I write?

You can write up to 5 articles a day once you are new to Opera News Hub. The number of articles increases with time.


Opera News Hub Best Practices

a.      Avoid writing fake news. It will always come back to bite.

b.      Avoid copy pasting other writers work. This may lead to termination of your account.

c.       Be up to date. Avoid writing outdated news.

d.      Specialized on a particular category of news.

e.      Post high quality original content.

f.        Avoid racy content.

g.      Write articles with more than 500 words and contain at least 3 pictures. (Minimum words required for an article to be published is 150 words).

h.      Share your content to outside sources such as twitter, whatsapp and facebook.