Wedding guest outfits for the All 4 Seasons

Wedding guest outfits for the All 4 Seasons

Get inspiring tips on how to dress to a wedding for all the seasons of the year.

As wedding invitations continue to arrive in your inbox, deciding on the perfect wedding guest clothing to wear in all seasons might be difficult if the event has no defined dress code. You must consider the wedding location, date, and weather. There's a lot to unpack! Fortunately for you, we will decode the various seasonal dress standards and define the "don'ts" of attire.

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Wedding guest attire for spring and summer

Floral patterns and pastel colors are fashionable during this time of year. Regardless of the dress code, make sure the fabrics you choose are light and breezy. Maxi dresses, pantsuits, and wrap dresses, for example, are acceptable for a casual beach wedding, whereas navy blue, charcoal grey, and black are appropriate for an indoor summer wedding and transition from day to evening. Lighter blue, or tan wedding suits, may be worn to give off a breezy summer mood.

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Outfits for wedding guests in the fall and winter

While hues are ideal for the winter, jewel tones are appropriate for the fall to depict the changing season. Winter weddings are often formal, especially around Christmas and New Year's Eve, so dress modestly and attractively. Wear bridal gowns with long sleeves made of warm, costly fabrics like velvet and cashmere. Add a lovely coat, leather gloves, or a faux fur cover if you want to wear a short-sleeved or sleeveless wedding gown. If you don't want to wear dresses, consider wearing jumpsuits or pantsuits.

What to avoid wearing as a wedding guest outfit

Avoid dressing casually for a formal wedding. In some cases, you may not wear white to weddings. Unless otherwise specified, avoid using white or extremely bright hues and exposing too much skin. Confirm the proper color to wear with the couple.

From the tips and tactics above, you can now choose your seasonally appropriate wedding attire. Save the cost of buying your summer guest wedding outfit by using priceneer's a collection of best offers from your favourite retailers.